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HR must focus on strategic alignment with the business, or risk losing its place at the boardroom table

The human resources (HR) function must reinvent itself as a digital, data-driven partner to the business as trends such as artificial intelligence (AI), big data and mobility transform the world around us. HR departments and leaders that continue to focus on compliance and administration at the cost of strategic alignment and enablement, risk losing their place at the boardroom table, warns Coenette Bosman, Head of Consulting – HRP at Sage …Read More

Tubular Holdings’ CEO shares insights on why streamlining operations drives growth.

Right Place, Right Time, Right Sequence   SINCE ITS FOUNDING in 1979, Tubular Holdings has grown to become one of South Africa’s leading construction players. But, after nearly four decades of turning over millions of rands, the company had outgrown its own capabilities. It runs specialist equipment that was in need of maintenance without causing downtime; managing members of its highly-specialised workforce was becoming challenging, and administrating accounts payable and …Read More

Going Global with Glass

Seventy-four years ago Consol was just manufacturing glass in a single plant. Today it has firmly established itself in three other African territories and continues to spread the word: The best things come in glass.   What started as a single glass plant supplying the beer and beverage industries has evolved into the company that supplies 80% of South Africa’s glass containers. “We’re using South Africa as a springboard to …Read More

Construction firms leverage tech to boost competitiveness

South Africa’s construction industry is bursting with opportunities, with the government increasing investment in the supply and rejuvenation of basic infrastructure.   Some of these commitments include: The signing of 27 renewable energy projects, which are expected to create more than 61,000 construction jobs. The provision of 623,635 households in informal settlements by 2019/2020. Plans to rebuild more than 500 mud schools. The allocation of R35 billion to infrastructure spending …Read More