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BEE 123 Features

The Sage BEE 123 Management System provides a revolutionary and cutting edge solution to B-BBEE compliance, ensuring that B-BBEE is easy to understand, plan, assess and implement. Our market leading turnkey Solution includes:

  • Scorecard Software
  • Advisory
  • Implementation
  • Support

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The B-BBEE Management System


Scorecard Calculator

Calculating and understanding one’s B-BBEE score prior to audit is essential. With the BEE123 Scorecard Calculator this becomes easy. Simply enter a few numbers, and the software does the rest for you, including calculating your:

  • Score
  • Status Level
  • Priority Elements subminimum achievement and Discounting
  • Empowering Supplier Status
  • Now- Assess the impact that the Revised Codes will have on your B-BBEE Scorecard.

Scenario Planning Tool

Prior to making any business decisions, the Scenario Planning Tool will quantify exactly how your B-BBEE Score will be affected should you take such steps (e.g.: hiring a new employee, spending money training your staff, supporting Enterprise Development and Supplier Development projects etc.).

Empowering Supplier Assessment Tool

Under the Revised Codes it is critical to ensure that you qualify as an Empowering Supplier. With our Empowering Supplier Assessment Tool simply input your relevant data across the various criteria and your Empowering Supplier status will be calculated. Plus then use the Scenario Planning Tool to determine what needs to be done to become an Empowering Supplier.

Preferential Procurement

Managing the Preferential Procurement elements can be rather laborious. With thousands of BEE certificates already in our database, we take the hassle out of the Preferential Procurement element, relieving you of the administratively intensive task of contacting your suppliers for their certificates and then capturing that information.

Information Capture Sheets

For B-BBEE audit purposes, granular level information is required to be provided. Simply capture your BEE activities and interventions directly into the BEE123 Software (e.g. individuals sent on training courses, employee details and levels, ED and SED Beneficiaries and contributions etc.) and this information will automatically be consolidated, tabulated and fed directly into the Scorecard Calculator. Voila- BEE done!

Excel Templates uploads. If any relevant information is already being housed in another system (eg your accounting or payroll system) there is no need to recapture it. Just import this data via our excel templates and your BEE123 System will be fully populated- quick and easy.

Document Management

Getting your file ready for your B-BBEE audit needn’t be a daunting task. Collate and store all the required supporting documentation with our online Document Management System. No more paper based BEE files-create your BEE file online.

Reporting Tool

Our Reporting Tool allows you to graphically depict your B-BBEE compliancy across a variety of graphs, charts and tables, serving as an invaluable aid for reporting on compliancy to management and visually assessing B-BBEE achievement. Some key features include:

  • The Reporting Tool is comprehensive and generates more than 120 standardised graphs, charts and tables
  • Fully customisable report selection mechanism across all Codes indicators and Scorecard elements, allowing the user to pick and choose what reports are generated.
  • Reporting period can be specified. When the specified report is generated it is then date stamped and can be stored within the BEE123 System, thereby creating a historic record of Scorecard compliancy at various points in time within the verification period.
  • Reports can be generated in PDF or Excel formats, which allows for easy editing and use within one’s own reports.

User Access Management

There are often multiple people in an organisation involved with the B-BBEE management and administration. It could however be the case that certain members of staff are involved with specific Scorecards Elements only. User Access -allows you to create additional users on your BEE 123 System. User Management – allows you to control and specify what access the new Users will have. Access can be controlled by Element, with ‘View’ and/or ‘Edit’ functionality specifications.


Our Templates section houses a repository of prerequisite templates that need to be in place for your B-BBEE audit (eg Enterprise and Supplier Development Agreements, Socio Economic Development letter etc). As B-BBEE evolves, the Template section is constantly updated.

Knowledge Centre

Bamboozled by what it all means? Access our user friendly Knowledge Centre and help functionality embedded within the Scorecard Software. The BEE123 Knowledge Centre explains B-BBEE concepts, terminology and formulae in simple English, with lots of practical tips, tricks and guidance.

News and Legislation

News – Keep abreast of the latest news and developments in the B-BBEE space via our up to the minute news section. Legislation – Access all source B-BBEE legislation in one place via our legislation repository.

  • Online

    No installation hassles – simply login and begin your work.

  • No upgrades – you’ll automatically be working on the latest version of the software.
  • No data security hassles – your data will always be safe and secure.

Advisory, Training, Implementation and Support


Advisory and Strategy SessionAn Initial comprehensive consultation session with our expert B-BBEE consultants will be conducted at your premises. During the session we will unpack and explain the Revised Codes, apply them in a practical fashion to your business (across all scorecard elements) to understand its impact on your Score, and then together devise an appropriate strategy.
Implementation and Software TrainingOur consultants provide detailed software implementation, training and assistance ensuring you BEE123 Scorecard Software is fully populated, with all of your data transferred from your other Systems (e.g. Payroll, Finance). We also ensure that all users of the BEE123 System are fully trained on its functionality and features.
Review SessionsOur interim Review Sessions provide monitoring, analysis and strategic guidance at specified intervals, assisting to ensure that your B-BBEE strategy, scoring and implementation is on track.
B-BBEE Online AdvisoryOur B-BBEE Online Advisory service gives you online access to our expert BEE Consultants for your ongoing queries. So anytime you have a question about the B-BBEE Codes just pop us a query directly from our Software.
Technical SupportTechnical Support is provided to assist with all technical queries that you may experience.
Pre-Audit File ReviewWe will review your B-BBEE audit file prior to your submission of it to your verification agency/auditor, thereby ensuring best possible results.
Post-Audit AdvisoryPost audit advice will be provided to you regarding any appeals you may wish to make on your preliminary rating is provided, thereby ensuring an accurate and optimized rating.