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Enterprise Solution for lean, agile African Mining


As a mature industry, mining companies must achieve enhanced profitability, in large part, through best in class performance and disciplined cost control as market demand for their products strongly fluctuates. At any point and time, commodity prices may be high or low, but management teams know that commodity price levels are cyclical. In the face of fluctuating demand and cyclical pricing, operating an efficient and streamlined business, as well as squeezing costs, is critical.


Parity Software is a Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 Premier Partner that provides ERP solutions to the mining sector and delivers software that has been specifically designed to meet the needs of mining companies in Africa.


Parity Software deploys Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 with its industry specific functionality, which allows you to underpin your administrative and operational success with robust business processes that support firstly, the construction of your mine, and secondly, your on-going production.


Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 was designed with the mid- to upper-end business in mind, which makes it a great match for the mining industry, among others.


“The product is essentially a complete Web-based integrated management suite, covering all operational needs in terms of production management, distribution, logistics, asset maintenance, finance and human resources,” says Warren Williams, MD at Parity Software. “The system supports multiple languages, currencies, and legislations so you can run a sophisticated multi-site mining business in a multi-country environment as easily as a single domestic implementation” continues Williams.


Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 provides an enterprise software application suite that has been proven and tested across many industries.


For Universal Paper and Plastics, a leading manufacturing firm of printed napkins, bathroom tissue and household towels, Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 was customised to provide accurate real time information at the touch of a button that greatly improved the company’s forecasting capabilities as far as waste management, fixed asset management and stock control was concerned. The solution has further optimised Material Requirements Planning within Universal Paper and Plastics to accurately plan its production and control its inventory levels during its various manufacturing processes.


Bearings International, a division of Hudaco Trading (PTY) LTD, and a leading Southern African distributor of bearings and power transmission products was looking for a single comprehensive end-to-end solution to replace multiple systems. The scalability of Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3, together with its cost efficiency and comprehensive scope, including all aspects of sales, stock control and inventory management, were some of the reasons for choosing to implement Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3.


For the Dawn Group of Companies, which is a leading manufacturing and distribution firm of quality branded hardware, sanitary ware, plumbing, kitchen, engineering and civil products, the most significant benefit of the ERP software is its ability to streamline operations, especially from a manufacturing perspective. By automating business processes, Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 has aided the company to consolidate its day-to-day tasks, effectively improving the accuracy of information and accelerating data flow.


This ERP software suite is based on a service-oriented architecture that is very scalable, so as a mining project goes from planning to exploration to production, the system allows a company to ramp up hiring very quickly.


“Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 has been optimised to offer an agile and robust ERP solution with a compelling cost to market and speed of implementation, making it the perfect choice for businesses wanting to achieve rapid ROI and get up and running quickly” concludes Williams.