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Gain your competitive edge with Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 and enhancements from Parity Software

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With the rapidly changing technological realm, organisations progressively need to understand and respond to ever increasing customer demands, to develop agile supply chains and to mitigate risk.

Parity Software is a professional service firm that specialises in the development and deployment of affordable, easy-to-implement, scalable ERP solutions, focussing specifically on Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3. This scalability in particular allows us to address the specific business process needs within our client base and aptly meet the requirements of complex organisations across the mid-, upper – and enterprise- market segments.


For Universal Paper and Plastics, a leading manufacturing firm of printed napkins, bathroom tissue and household towels, Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 was customised to provide accurate real time information at the touch of a button that greatly improved the company’s forecasting capabilities.

Bearings International, a division of Hudaco Trading and a leading Southern African distributor of bearings and power transmission products was looking for a single comprehensive end-to-end solution to replace multiple systems. The scalability of Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3, together with its cost efficiency and comprehensive scope, including all aspects of sales, stock control and inventory management, were some of the reasons for choosing to implement Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3.

For the Dawn Group of Companies, which is a leading manufacturing and distribution firm of quality branded hardware, sanitary ware (like Cobra Taps), plumbing, kitchen, engineering and civil products, the most significant benefit of the ERP software is its ability to streamline operations, especially from a manufacturing perspective.

King Pie, a subsidiary of the Bidvest Group, the leading pie franchise in the quick service restaurant industry with 290 franchise outlets nationwide, required an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 was the solution of choice as the financials fully integrated with King Pie’s existing distribution, trading, manufacturing, project implementation and unit servicing.


• CASHBOOK FOR SAGE X3 – Accurate, efficient reconciliations of Bank Statements.

• AP RECON – Imports and reconciles the supplier statement to the documents within Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3

• DEBIT CLEARING – For recurring payments, Debit Clearing allows for quick repetitive transactions.

• PROPHIX – is an integrated performance management application that empowers organisations with budgeting, planning,      forecasting, reporting, consolidations, and personnel planning capabilities.

• CAPILINK – is a specialised web based document delivery software that will automatically deliver all customer collated        documentation, in secure PDF format, with unique embedded hyperlinking allowing the customer easy access to all  supporting documentation.

• PARITY REPORT SERVER – PRS is a rich web application portal that can deliver both Crystal Reports and Microsoft’s SQL  Report Services from one Interface. It has the ability to connect to various databases and deliver reports securely to the  intended users.