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The wholesale distribution industry plays a key role in the supply chain, typically existing as a link between manufacturers and retailers. Wholesale distributors manage wholesale purchases of a product, and usually do not sell directly to the consumer.

The wholesale distribution industry helps facilitate B2B transactions across the supply chain. The needs of wholesale distributors vary across industry, but a few challenges remain consistent across the spectrum. Every wholesale distributor can benefit from efficient and effective mobile warehouse management and full visibility of omni channel order operations while having a reliable, integrated financial management system.

Technology is changing the industry with information flows, as programs are designed to convert real-time sales and marketing projections into orders for moving inventory from one position to the next as continually moving mechanism. Generating product demand, supply chains now can operate with minimal human intervention in the order placement function, in a vertically integrated system with closely aligned supply chain partners, sales and demand information can be transmitted back into the distribution network to anticipate order volumes.

Warehouse management, with a network of rails, conveyors and elevators, pallets or other units can be placed randomly in slots to be called forth later by the centralized computer network. Traffic management, loading and delivery, Traffic managers utilize software to optimize equipment and time for distribution efficiency. Orders are analysed for least-cost routing prior to loading. Trucks are loaded according to the most efficient routing while drivers are guided by GPS systems to minimize costs.

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