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ISV Solutions

Our ISV solutions provide a large range of highly efficient and effective solutions that go far beyond what the normal ERP or accounting systems can do. It meets the requirements of organisations across all market segments in a broad range of industries including distribution, mining, agriculture, retail, transportation and manufacturing.


As a Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3 and Sage CRM premier partner, our solutions are backed by the highest level of support.


Parity Software Solutions for SAGE X3 include the following:

Cashbook for Sage Enterprise Management formerly known as Sage X3

Helps you manage the reconciliation of bank statements and transactions from a single centralised location. It can reconcile current transactions, and create GL Increase and Decrease adjustments without you having to navigate away from the cashbook. It also helps you save money and time by automatically performing efficient reconciliations such as multi-recon, drill downs and advanced search.

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AP Recon

This solves the issue of prompt, effortless payments to suppliers. It’s fast and uses statements to import functionality to reduce the time you would have spent capturing large supplier statements. It also offers comprehensive reconciliation to help you control which documents were paid and which weren’t, using Match and Auto Match, Auto Pay documents and even placing documents on hold.

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Debit Clearing

Our debit clearing solution provides a facility that can instruct payment deductions from the bank accounts of your clients who have agreed to that. It features a single user interface that you use to select and deselect invoices for debit order payments. The Parity debt clearing function will also save you time and improve accuracy, as well as integrate payment receipts with the Parity Cash Book.

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Dynamics GP ISV Products and Pricing

Our approach focuses on three key deliverables: Productivity improvement Asset Optimisation, Information Access and Transparency.

Contact support@parity.co.za for module pricing.

Business Process Management

This is for businesses seeking to give their people that extra edge so that the company can move forward despite the current global economic climate and the challenges that come with that . . . more

National Accounts

National accounts consolidates branch or sub account debtor transactions into a single National Account. This allows a single statement to be produced for the national account. This is suitable for customers who supply chain stores. 

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Creditors Recon

This allows you to reconcile creditors’ statements to your Dynamics or eEnterprise data in 2 easy steps; capture the creditor’s statement and then use the Auto Reckon feature to match the documents on your statement. 

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Auto Posting

This addresses critical business needs of efficient and automatic posting to Microsoft Dynamics without manual intervention. Auto Posting is ideal for all organisations that have batches in their system. 

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Debit Clearing

This is used typically by companies that have recurring monthly bills such as companies in the medical field, insurance companies, schools, maintenance and service. It creates a debit order batch that can be submitted to the bank for collection. 

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Price Matrix

For organisations that require more sophisticated and specialised pricing in SOP, this product will allow you to specify the prices and discounts you offer based on debtors, items, item cases ad Price Groups. A telesales component is linked to this package to enable the user to determine the last price at which the product was sold. 

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Stock Take

The stock take package is for managing and processing stock takes accurately and efficiently. You can prepare a template and select the item categories to constitute the stock sheets in a way that works for you. This can also be synchronised with Palm Pilot, a mobile handheld interface.

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Supplier Costing

Supplier Costing enables businesses to purchase their required items at the lowest possible price within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Supplier Costing allows the user to capture cost lists from vendors into Microsoft Dynamics GP. These cost lists can be captured per item or per vendor. Supplier Costing integrates with the Purchase Order Entry window within Microsoft Dynamics GP.

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Delivery Manager

This provides Sales Order Processing and Inventory Management from the point dispatch to delivery. This helps with the allocating of invoices to delivery schedules and ensures that signed proof of deliveries are controlled. 

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Mobile Warehousing

Our mobile warehousing addresses the need for accurate and efficient flow of stock through a warehouse. This is achieved with a higher level of operational technology that is quick and accurate. 

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