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Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next generation of intelligent business applications that allows you to start with what you need from their modular applications, designed for specific processes, roles and industries and then adding on functionality and features as you go and grow.  Merging ERP and CRM to break down silos and data duplication and powered by advanced and sophisticated business intelligence and reporting.


Digital transformation is the name of the game and Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the products and platforms necessary to ensure that your business is able to adapt to new technologies now and in the future.


Greater productivity

  • Connect your ERP data with Office 365 and LinkedIn data
  • Use Microsoft Flow to automate your business processes by setting up automated workflows between your apps and services
  • Streamline your business process – lead capture to mobile approvals


Greater intelligence

  • Obtain actionable insights powered by artificial intelligence and the Microsoft cloud to guide employees to optimal outcomes and business results.
  • Connect to hundreds of data sources, any way and anywhere and all in one view with Power BI


Adapt to change and experience unlimited possibilities

  • Tailor, extend, connect, and build applications with a modern platform and little to no code development to easily customize to meet your exact needs.
  • Build apps, automate workflows, and bring additional data insight into your business with the Microsoft business application platform.
  • Create Apps that work across Windows, iOS, Android and web by using PowerApps

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Reimagine productivity with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Hear what Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has to say about Dynamics 365 and digital transformation


Microsoft Dynamics Applications

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Meet and exceed Customer expectations. Dynamics 365 for Sales will enable your teams to better understand your customers’ needs so that they can engage more efficiently and effectively.


Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Call centre and help desk agents are under continuous stress and pressure dealing with high call volumes and trying to meet the increasing demands from Customers. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service provides built-in intelligence to enable them to provide a faster, more personalised service adding value to every customer interaction.



Dynamics 365 for Field Service

With Dynamics 365 for Field Service you can resolve issues before they even occur enabling your field service staff to deliver an efficient and positive onsite experience.


Dynamics 365 for Finance and operations

By having a unified view of global finance and operations enables your staff to make fast, yet informed decisions and allows them to adapt quickly to changing market demands.


Dynamics 365 for Retail

Create a personalized customer engagement with Dynamics 365 for Retail, empowering staff and delivering an exceptional, insightful shopping experience.


Dynamics 365 for Project Service automation

Deliver profitable projects on time and within budget.  Ensure high levels of employee productivity and customer satisfaction

Dynamics 365 for Talent

Win top talent and enable employee success. Attract, train and retain top Talent for your business with Dynamics for talent providing you with the tools needed to land top calibre candidates Dynamics 365 for Talent leverages the power of Office 365 and LinkedIn to quickly find and onboard the right people.