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Sage Enterprise HR formerly known as Sage X3 People

The human resource landscape has come a far way over the years and yet still many HR departments see their primary function as an administrative one, using spreadsheets to collect and manage employee data.  People are multidimensional and can only be managed effectively using an integrated HR solution.


The true role of the modern HR department is that of attracting and retaining the best talent money can buy – and leaving the administrative tasks to an HR solution built with powerful analytics that will give the quality insights into the workforce that you need in order to make accurate long and short term decisions.  Without updated and accurate information about your most critical assets, you cannot make the right strategic decisions.


Sage Enterprise HR formerly known as Sage X3 People, a Multi-company, multi-language, multi-legislation Payroll and HR solution is perfectly suited for a mobile or office based workforce with access anywhere, anytime, with self-service functionality to ensure higher employee engagement.  Sage Enterprise HR can be deployed as a flexible, standalone HR Solution or can integrate to Sage Enterprise Management to provide a single platform, integrated solution.

and Cost Control

Empower your managers to improve business performance with unified HR and financial data, forecasting present and future costs while streamlining operations with automated workflows.

Gain compliance
and visibility

Ensure compliance and provide real-time, secure HR data for your internal and external stakeholders, with document management, dashboards, self-service intelligence and reporting tools.

Engage your

Ensure higher employee retention and engagement with HR service delivery, and manage employee development with faster and simpler access to payroll and core HR information.

Serve your mobile workforce

Go where your business takes you, with anytime access to HR services and key performance indicators through mobile access on any device and dedicated mobile applications.


Strategic Talent


  • Skills mapping
  • Training management
  • Performance management
  • Career development
  • Employment equity skills development management

Workforce management


  • Employee information management
  • Employment (contract) management
  • Leave & absenteeism
  • Time & attendance
  • Tasks & activity



  • Payroll Benefit administration
  • Total payroll and budget forecasting
  • Gross pay & back pay management



How can you manage the performance of your talent in a way that helps them (and your business) grow? This guide will reveal four strategies that will answer this question and help you excel at managing the performance of your talent.


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